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Pool Design Miami, FL

Pools differ in design, shape, and style. Choosing the best design can be challenging. You’ll need to ensure that it matches your home and your landscape. We’re professional pool builders in Miami, Florida. Our expertise includes building luxurious pools right in your backyard.

Choosing The Right Pool Design

You might find yourself stuck in choosing the best design for your pool. We’ll help you decide on the best pool design that will blend with your home and landscape.

It’s essential to know how many people will use your pool. Whether you’re building a new pool or having a pool remodeling project, the design of your pool must accommodate different types of users. For instance, both kids and adults should be able to use your pool without difficulty.

You should also consider the size of your backyard. This will narrow down your selection in choosing the best pool design. For instance, irregular-shaped pools are perfect for small spaces. Oval or round-shaped pools are perfect for large spaces.

Dream Pool Design

As top-rated pool builders, we’ll provide you options in choosing the best inground pool design. We’ll ensure that we’ll build your pool according to your exact specifications. We know that you want to provide the perfect pool experience for your family and friends.

Effective Drainage Design

We’ll ensure that you’ll have an effective and functional drainage system. This will keep the water of your pool clean and clear. It also prevents excess debris from entering your pool. It also provides drainage for water splashes and rain.

Types Of Inground Pools

Pools differ based on the type of material used to build them. There are three main types of pools. You can choose the best type of pool design according to your needs and budget.

For thousands of years, concrete is the main material used for building pools. You can customize the design of your pool using concrete. This material is excellent for deep and large pool designs. If you want a tough and durable pool, then concrete is the way to go.

Fiberglass pools are very easy to install. They’re made inside a factory and transported to the job site for installation.

They’re also tough and durable like concrete. Additionally, fiberglass pools are long-lasting, requiring less maintenance. They’re more affordable when compared to concrete pools.

Also, the surface of a fiberglass pool is nonporous so it’s algae-resistant. But they’re not as customizable as concrete since they’re prefabricated.

Vinyl liner pools are customizable like concrete. This is an affordable choice over concrete or fiberglass. Installation of metal and plastic frames help support vinyl material.

We can design your stunning pool according to the specific shape, size, and depth that you want. You can add visual effects to your pool using vinyl. There are a wide variety of color combinations and patterns to choose from.

Pool Shapes

A geometric shape will allow your pool to depict a sense of formality with its straight edges. Rectangle, a very common geometric shape, is ideal for lap pools because it is long and narrow.

A freeform pool does not follow any typical patterns. This is perfect if you have a small backyard space. It covers any curvilinear shape for circles and oval. You can incorporate this design into the natural ambiance of the landscape.

Although a kidney-shaped pool is also a free-form, it has gained popularity over the years. Many people consider it a standard form.

This shape gives off a relaxed and subtle vibe unlike the crisp and edgy lines of a geometric-shaped pool. If you want to have a natural placement for a shallow and a deep part, then this shape is for you.

The figure-8 shape allows an elegant and obvious separation for a shallow end and a deeper end. But, it is worth noting that the two ends of the figure-8 shaped do not have to be mirror images of each other. This shape is great for families as it provides a designated spot for kids and adults.

You can think of an L-shaped pool as a rectangular pool extended with a short and long leg. This longer leg allows the pool owners to have a space for swimmers. The shorter leg is perfect for people who want to take a dip in the pool and relax.

Round pools like the circle and oval are usually placed on open and larger spaces. This shape is elegant and grandiose. This is very practical because it’s easier to build enclosures for this shape.

The enclosure keeps the pool water clear from dust and other contaminants. That’s why most of the kiddie pools use round-shaped pools. Round-shaped pools keep the water clean for children.

A classic pool shape or Grecian and Roman pool is a deviation from a rectangular pool. It’s like a rectangle but with an arc or dome at one or both ends. The domes have stairs on it. If you want a grandiose effect for your pool, then this shape is one to choose from.

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