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Pool Maintenance Miami, FL

While a pool can offer you a lot of enjoyment, it also demands upkeep in return. A pool is a whole mechanical system at work that needs regular maintenance. This will help you prevent minor pool issues from turning into bigger problems.

You might observe broken filters, malfunctioning pool equipment, or algae growth. This will make your pool unsafe to swim in. It’s essential to entrust your pool maintenance needs to the experts.

Not only do we have the right equipment, but we’ll be able to check for areas that need repair. We’ll be able to replace your damaged pool equipment with high-quality materials. We’ll ensure that you’ll have a pool that is safe to swim in. We also offer excellent pool cleaning services.

How To Maintain Your Pool

Let’s look at some critical pool maintenance tips you need to know to have your pool in top shape.

Moving water is safer and cleaner than still water. The pump and filtration system ensures that your pool is clean and free of debris.

The key to having sparkling clean water is a proper pool circulation. You’ll need to turn your pump for at least 6 to 8 hours depending on how much your pool is being used.

If the pump is like our heart, then the pool filter is like our liver. It clears your pool water of dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Without an active filter system, your pool will become cloudy and polluted.

The pump will keep a continuous flow of your pool water, making sure that you also run your filtration system. Because dirt and debris go through the pool filter, you must clean the filter as needed.

Backwashing is a key component to keeping a clean and working filter system. This is where the flow of water goes back and moves out of the pool to a waste port. Depending on the amount of dirt the filter gathers, make sure that you backwash it at least once a month.

When maintaining your pool, it’s essential to make sure that you’re checking the quality of the pool water. This will ensure that the pH level, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are at the best level. This will prevent bacteria, algae, pollution, and corrosion issues.

It would be convenient to have a water testing kit. This will ensure that you’ll be able to test the quality of the water anytime.

A great rule of thumb is to conduct tests two to three times a week during the summer months. During the winter season, you can check the quality of your pool’s water at least once a week.

A pool without the right chemical balance can foster bacteria, look murky, and be unsafe to swim in. Knowing your pool chemistry will make your pool maintenance responsibilities manageable. Here’s a short guide to your pool chemicals:

This is the main chemical you need to add into your pool water as it kills bacteria and sanitizes your pool. The amount of chlorine you need to add will depend on the specific chlorine product. It also depends on the volume of water in your pool.

We recommend that you add chlorine at night time to prevent the sun from burning off the chlorine. There are chlorine products that protect your pool from UV degradation. After adding the chlorine, allow the pump and filter to run overnight. Keep the pool off-limits for about a day.

If you see that your pool water is cloudy, then it needs a pool shock treatment. Swimmers and the surroundings add dirt, debris, and contaminants to the pool. Consider shock treatments to keep your pool clean and safe.

Preventing the build-up of algae is the way to an enjoyable pool. Algaecide acts as a backup to your normal sanitization program. It prevents algae from growing back. You can add algaecide after every shock treatment.

Suntan oil, sunscreen, conditioner, or lotion can contaminate your pool. They form a greasy sheen on the water which could clog the filters.

This particular tip may be unusual, but it’s effective. You can use two or more tennis balls to get rid of the oils in the water. The natural fibers in the tennis balls will absorb oil.

Professional Maintenance Service

You can only do so much on your own to make sure that your pool is in good condition. If you want to ensure that your pool is in perfect condition, you’ll need professional service. Schedule an appointment at least once a year.

We’re professional pool builders and we provide pool maintenance services. We’ll ensure that your pool will have clean and clear water. We’ll check your pool equipment and areas that would need repair or replacement. Call us today!

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